My book

Tender is the Light

Here is how a New York journalist describes my memoir:


A woman from Montreal at a crossroads in her life travels to Sweden to attend a prestigious conference in linguistics.  At the pinnache of her career trained ESL instructor, she secretly hopes for more than mere professional development.  With a marriage of many years on its last legs, strained to separation by her husband’s alcohol problems, and her three children almost grown, she longs to meet "the right man" and start a new chapter.

Indian scriptures say when the student is ready, the master will appear.   Maxim or metaphor for other life lessons?

She had slowly readied herself, attending carefully to her personal and spiritual self-development, after sacrificing her own personal fulfillment to look after her husband, an attorney, and three children, one an epileptic. 

Here on the other side of the Atlantic she will soon find more than what she hoped for: a handsome, accomplished stranger, a relationship of tenderness and pinnacles of sexual and emotional fulfillment, a storybook romance that takes her and her lover to glistening sands, Mediterranean sunsets, breezy turquoise beaches.  

But as the affair unfolds, seemingly insurmountable problems present themselves: Christoph is married with two young children and lives in Germany; her husband Bernard in Montreal still loves her and temporarily moves back home. 

Yet the conflicts and temporary setbacks of the forbidden romance do more thant chronicle a woman's personal development and the joy of true intimacy. They also chronicle an era, the 1960s and 1970s, a time of unconventional choices, when families took on new forms and women sought and demanded more rights, including relationships with  emotional and sexual fulfillment. With its patchwork families, lessons in tolerance and patience, and the secret wissdoms of prophecy, eastern philosophy and different meditation styles, this romance ultimately plays out against the backdrop of a vast ocean of differences and an exciting historical time until it reaches a final breaking-point and inevitable moment of decision.



Mature love

The book shows how love unites two people in spite of their differences and the obstacles they are confronted to that appear insurmountable.


It is about passion and devotion and life lessons inspired by turning inward and finding greater serenity.


How they passionately unite, almost symbiotically, and then find their autonomy and balance without loosing their deep devotion to each other. The secret for her lies in turning inside, in meditating, which allows her to develop serenity and self-confidence,


The style

The author describes the events and feelings in a simple way, without literary refinements, her style gives the reader direct access to the experience.


The audience


This book will appeal to those who like to read a fascinating true love story, and to many women in quest of personal identity and direction in life. It will interest those who would like to know more about the life experiments and unconventional choices of a generation – baby boomer, a great time of social changes: the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. It will also be meaningful for those with an interest in eastern philosophy and meditation.